Zangoza between languages

nafarroa-oinez-2014Zangoza between languages

Zangoza, 2014

This year we are inviting you to take a trip with us: jump onto our “almadia”, we'll go down the Irati and Aragon rivers and reach the sea; we'll cross the dry desert and the Andean steppe.

Let's imagine that, riding the Basque language and through all its brilliance, we'll get to know two first class passengers, in a short but intense trip: Hassaniyya andQuechuan. Regular passengers in these rivers say:

We are old, small languages and that makes us grand. We have been ploughing through history for hundreds of years and we take pride in it. No matter how difficult it gets, we will remain alive and strong. We will try to make long-lasting bonds in this trip and hope that it makes us aware of being a team that overcomes adversity and shares joy and friendship. We must go away and travel, make our voices heard and know new things. We won't get tired, we´re full of energy. BY TAKING SMALL STEPS WE WILL ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS”.

Our plan this year is to work differently: we want to grow from the ground, by teaching our children to value our language and other minoritised languages, so they can be aware of other realities which are similar to our own. We will motivate our kids through the beauty of the phonetics and writing of three completely different languages which are far away in distance, but close to our hearts:Hassaniyya, Quechuan, and Basque language.

Following the aims of Txikiak Handi and its manifesto, we'll focus on our small ones, making them the center of it: they communicate, sing, write and play in Basque and they also invite their Saharaui and Peruvian friends to do the same in their languages.

This cultural exchange is our proposal for this Nafarroa Oinez 2014.